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With Batiste Waterless Foam you're ready for anything. Whether you're going for drinks after work with the girls, or bossing your morning routine, you can quickly and easily refresh or restyle your hair in seconds. Our formula will leave your hair looking fresh, whilst providing added texture and volume, so every day is your best hair day.

Woman showing how to use dry shampoo.
Step 1: Shake
Shake it up, baby! As with all Batiste products, shaking the bottle well is a key part of the process. It helps mix up the magic inside to offer the best foam experience.
Woman spraying dry shampoo bottle.
Step 2: Press
Hold the can upside down and spray into the palm of your hand. While most foam products dispense upright, we flipped the bottle on its head, resulting in a lighter, faster-drying product. Use a peach-sized dollop to start, but feel free to add more if needed.
rubbing dry shampoo into hair
Step 3: Massage
Spread the product throughout your hair and massage in with your fingertips. The product will feel wet at first, but it’s an illusion! It will dry in 60 seconds. Notice how unsticky your hands are.
Woman post-styling her hair with dry shampoo.
Step 4: Style
Do your thing! Style as desired or leave as is.